Good Old Home Remedies Ex. 1

Listen to the audio file. Use the drop-down menus to fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
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It’s a beautiful warm summer morning and four mothers are sitting sit on a park bench watching their children playing in the sandbox and swinging. Life just couldn’t be better, .
Mom 1: Gosh, ? All this beautiful sunshine after all that rain we had?
Mom 2: Yeah, perfect weather conditions for mosquitoes. There are so many out there today. I’ve already been bitten four times this morning and .
Mom 3: Here let me help you. Just wet your finger, put it on the bites and let me rub this salt into them.
Mom 2: ? You carry a salt shaker around with you all the time?
Mom 3: Of course! In my family that’s what we did for mosquito bites. Now come on. Wet your finger, put it on your bite, and I’ll put some salt on it.
Mom 2: Okay. !
Mom 4: ! You know what my mom did? She believed in apple cider vinegar for absolutely everything. Why the minute you were bitten, she’d be there dabbing the spot with apple cider vinegar. Other kids thought we , but honestly, I think it really worked.
Mom 1: Okay don’t laugh when I tell you this, but my granny was convinced that spit was the best remedy. bitten and . Come to think of it, it did stop the itching. ! Grandma also said your own saliva could take care of a lot of ills.
Mom 2: . It's pretty strange. to stop itching - garlic, bleach, ammonia, camphor.
Mom 4: Ammonia? Really? My husband just bought one of those pens that's supposed to get rid of itching and burning from bites and guess what’s in it? Ammonia!
Mom 3: some of those home remedies are . That's why they work. No wonder the companies are .
Mom 2: . I saw some non-itch spray at the drugstore and when I read the label on the bottle, the main ingredient was camphor. . .