Good Old Home Remedies Ex. 3

Find the Differences

Listen to the recording and click on each word (or group of words) that is different than the recording. There are ten differences in this activity. Click on "Solution" if you give up and want to see the solution.
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Mom 1: Gosh, it’s a day, isn’t it? All this beautiful sunshine after all that rain we had?

Mom 2: Yeah, for breeding mosquitoes. There are so many out there today. I’ve already been bitten times this morning and the itching is driving me .

Mom 3: Here help you. Just wet your finger, put it on the bites and let me this salt into them.

Mom 2: Are you serious? You carry a salt shaker around with you ?

Mom 3: Of course! In my family that’s what we for mosquito bites. Now come on, wet your finger, put it on your bite, and I’ll put salt on it.

Mom 2: Okay. Wow, I think it’s already!