LINC 4 Classroom Activities: Learning Objects

These online language learning activities are based on a series of classroom resource books and audio CDs that were funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Ontario Region). They are designed to assist newcomers learn English in the context of Canadian culture at the Canadian Language Benchmark 4-5 range. Developed and packaged as SCORM learning objects by Algonquin College, these activities can be re-used in various learning management systems. Please email your comments or feedback to


At Home in Our
Community and the World

Banking, Customer Service
and Telephones



Commercial Services
and Business
  • The Electronic Grandmother listening, CLB5, shopping, computers, Web, technology, Internet, VOIP
  • Gifts Online reading, writing, CLB4, thank you note, friendly letter, postcard
  • Internet Shopping Dialogue reading, CLB4, Internet, online, shopping, ecommerce, youth
  • Internet Use Survey reading, CLB4, table, chart,online shopping, ecommerce, Internet, survey, statistics, Internet, youth, seniors, women, skimming, scanning
  • Product Nutritional Information reading, CLB4, table, chart, food, packaging, nutrition
  • Shop Online reading, writing, CLB4, Internet, online shopping, ecommerce, pros and cons, seniors
  • It Tastes Good reading, writing, CLB4, Internet, online shopping, ecommerce, pros, seniors
Community and
Government Services
Family and
and Safety
Travel and